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On Earth As It Is In Hell

Clara, a single, promiscuous woman who struggles with many challenging personal issues, calls on God during one of the worst tragedies of her life. However, Clara does not get the answer she desperately seeks. 

While looking at herself in the mirror, feeling at her lowest, whispers in Clara's ear from an unseen malevolent presence encourages her to give up all hope in ever having a better life. That is, unless she is willing to do the unthinkable in hopes of a brighter future.

Clara feels confused, and bewildered, but soon discovers that she is not the only one being manipulated...

Three lives, struggling to find meaning and purpose, are connected with one common thread - Satan's direct do On Earth As It Is In Hell.

On Earth As It Is In Hell




The Sounds Of Silence Are The Loudest

A serial killer emerges from the shadows of his mind. He is watching your children, are you? Children are abducted, their fear and adrenaline are valuable to him and others. 

Manipulated by mind-control, or his penchant for murder, you cannot wrap your mind around what he is thinking. A familiar tune is whistled by the best detective on the force, he will get to the bottom of it. 

Or will you?

Experience the birth, rearing, and life of an abused child, whose tragic circumstances cause his mind to split. With so many broken pieces, he cannot decide if he is to protect and serve or kill and destroy.

The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest


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