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My Upcoming Talk Show!

"Caught on the Hook" Where I Help You Recognize The Bait. Premieres April 2023


The show will inspire, empower, and inform, men and women about domestic violence, and other forms of abuse or trauma. It will  provide awareness in recognizing the bait, often used on potential victims; and it will empower others as you hear from powerful guests who have obtained their path for success.


Streaming on the ZondraTV Network  distributed on multiple major streaming platforms including Roku, AppleTV, AmazonFireTV, and more!


Be My Guest!

Turn Your Trauma Into Fuel! Set Your Future On Fire!

Book With Me NOW!

Cortina Jackson has turned traumatic abuse into passionate advocacy missions by connecting with other victims around the world; showing them that it is possible to break free from abusive relationships, overcome the trauma, and turn the pain into purpose.

Utilizing my experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence ~ coupled with my skills and expertise as a law enforcement professional, advocate, author, and actress ~ I would be honored to speak or collaborate with you, your group, or organization; as I provide information about domestic violence, abuse, safety, and obtaining a better path for success. 

Cortina Jackson 

Are You Looking For A Powerful Speaker With Real, Life-Changing Messages?

Domestic Violence:

Escaping The Narcissist 

Sexual Abuse:

Family Ties That Bind

The Healing Power of Positivity & Faith

Want A Thought-Provoking Thriller?

Books by Author Cortina Jackson

On Earth As It Is In Hell

The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest


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