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Motivational Speaker of Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse/ Gaslighting/Narcissism/ TV Producer Zondra TV Network

My Exciting New Talk Show!

"Caught on the Hook"

Where I Help You Recognize The Bait!

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Cortina hosts a compelling talk show where she amplifies the stories of extraordinary individuals who have conquered seemingly impossible odds.


Fearlessly tackling difficult conversations, she showcases guests who have not only survived, but thrived in the face of unimaginable challenges. By sharing these remarkable journeys,

Cortina inspires audiences to transform negative situations into catalysts for positive change.

 Be On TV 

*Appearance fee applies

Watch  Live Episodes  - Caught on the Hook w/ Cortina Jackson

Turn Your Trauma Into Fuel! Set Your Future On Fire!


Connect with Cortina, to bring empowering messages to your upcoming event!

Motivational Speaker With an extensive background and education spanning over two decades in criminal justice and law enforcement, Cortina brings a wealth of knowledge in her keynotes including, "What Makes You an Attractive Victim?" 

Cortina's unique insights in safety, security, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and law of attraction-success after trauma; empowers individuals to break free from the cycle of hopelessness.

 Certificate of Training in Trauma Support Services.

At the core of my mission lies a steadfast belief in God's grace and the boundless potential within each of us. It is my calling to guide you towards your intrinsic worth, igniting positive transformation and instilling a resolute sense of purpose that will unlock your brightest days ahead.

Utilizing my experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse

and domestic violence ~ coupled with my skills and expertise as a law enforcement professional, advocate, author, producer, talk show host, and actress ~ I would be honored to speak or collaborate with you, your group, or organization; as I provide information about domestic violence, abuse, safety, and obtaining a better path for success. 


                                                       -Cortina Jackson 

Are You Looking For A Powerful Speaker With Real, Life-Changing Messages?

Cortina Jackson-Motivational Speaker Domestic Violence Escaping the Narcissist

Domestic Violence/ Entrainment/Narcissism/ Gaslighting/ Safety 

"What Makes You an Attractive Victim" 

Cortina Jackson-Motivational Speaker, Sexual Abuse the Family Ties that Bind

Sexual Abuse/Soul Ties/Generational & Church Hurt


"Family Ties That Bind"

Cortina Jackson-Motivational Speaker The Healing Power of Positivity and Faith
The Healing Power of Positivity & Faith/God
"Law of Attraction for Survivors"

Want A Thought-Provoking Thriller?

Books by Author Cortina Jackson

On Earth As It Is In Hell

The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest


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