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Domestic Violence:

What Makes You An Attractive Victim

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Do you remember a time when you were happy and free? Do you remember the moment when it was all taken away from you until you no longer recognized yourself? Domestic violence leaves painful scars, bruises, and brokenness that steals power and identity from the victim. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to death. I lived in the shadows behind what I called the “Clown Mask” a personality that I used to fool the world into thinking that I was fine when I was being emotionally tortured and physically abused. I will define what a narcissist is, and how their techniques work. I will discuss entrainment and trauma-bonding, and the reasons some women stay in the relationship. Why do so many women seem to become trapped in brainwashing and manipulation? Find out, as I talk about gaslighting and how it makes you question your own sanity. You too, can become aware and empowered, as you seek the freedom that many women now realize.

Sexual Abuse:

Family Ties That Bind

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Do you know someone that was once outgoing, smart, or funny, who is now withdrawn and quiet? Are there unfamiliar behavior traits that you notice in yourself or others? Sexual abuse is the tie that binds many of us together. Once a physical introduction penetrates our womb it sets up all kinds of feelings, including pain, fear, and depression within us. Some women feel a connection to the guy that is unexplainable. They cannot understand why they think about him all the time, or can’t seem to leave him alone, even if he is bad for them. They may find themselves always attracting the bad boy who leaves them feeling empty every time, or there have been women raped or taken advantage of sexually numerous times. For other women, they turn their hatred towards themselves and become self destructive in decisions about their own bodies. There is a certain impartation or soul tie that acts as a beacon calling for more of what we don’t want to happen in our lives. Some of us need to break the spiritual connections and soul ties so that we can heal the mind, body, and soul.


The Healing Power of Positivity and Faith


"Law of Attraction for Survivors"

Currently Available

When you realize your worth, everything comes back to you. Why? Because it was already within you. Imagine the endless possibilities when you find out that the power is you! I became grateful for everything and started a positivity diet, and I began to attract things that operated on that same frequency of positivity and love. My strong faith in Jesus Christ taught me principles of harmony and worth. I lost everything through sexual abuse, domestic violence, and many other tragedies in life. I hated myself and held deep resentment towards the ones who hurt me. My life was almost taken, and when that failed, I thought I was free until depression tried to claim my life again through suicidal thoughts and actions. The darkest hour is just before day; and after doing a video suicide note to other survivors, something miraculous happened. I gave life just one last chance and decided to be positive for a day. My whole life changed, and within 5 days I began to attract everything I wanted; acting, radio, speaking, podcasting, and I continue to reap what I have sown. Hear my journey, there are no secrets. I want you to be successful too.

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