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Empowering Voices

From Survivor to Survivorizer

"Thriving Beyond Adversity"


Motivational Speaker-Championing Success and Leadership after Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

TV/Film Producer

CEO of Acting Beyond Academy

Executive Producer of Survivorizer Network & Indie Elite Network

Actor/ Talk Show Host/Author

"Dive into the captivating world of Cortina Jackson, a multifaceted talent reigning as a TV/Film Producer, Motivational Speaker, CEO of the Acting Beyond Academy, and the visionary behind groundbreaking Micro-Networks.

Cortina is a motivational/transformational speaker and mentor on topics of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and success after trauma.  She has turned traumatic abuse into passionate advocacy missions by connecting with other victims around the world; showing them that it is possible to break free from abusive relationships, overcome the trauma, and turn the pain into purpose.

With over 20 years of criminal justice professions, law enforcement, nonprofit, and education; Cortina speaks to captivated audiences on, “What Makes You an Attractive Victim,” “There is Life after Adversity,” “The Art of Storytelling and Acting,” and many other topics that encapsulate the power of Leadership in spite of challenges and obstacles.

Cortina is a film producer, and has written, directed, and starred in her feature film, “Daddy;” and she is the contributing writer and Associate Producer on the movies, "Dry Places," and "Blind Trauma" written by Theo Bray

Cortina's journey unfolds across screens big and small, from producing and acting in gripping films like "Daddy" to hosting the enlightening talk show "Elite Talk," and “Caught on the Hook” where she amplifies brands, ideas, and stories.

But Cortina's influence extends far beyond traditional platforms. She spearheads the "Indie Elite Network;" a distribution haven for independent films, reaching global audiences through several OTT Platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and more. With a commitment to showcasing unique perspectives, Cortina's network transcends borders, offering on-demand programming and live TV experiences.

Not stopping there, Cortina introduces the, "Survivorizer Network," a groundbreaking platform elevating podcasts to the big screen. From true crime to tales of resilience, this platform empowers voices that educate, inspire, and captivate audiences. With TV exposure and a community hungry for impactful narratives, Cortina's network is a beacon for storytellers and audiences alike.

As the CEO of Acting Beyond Academy, Cortina pioneers an inclusive and positive approach to acting education, welcoming anyone interested in acting into the fold; with the unique opportunity to be in a film with IMDB credit, on a multi-award-winning network guaranteed upon graduation.

Join Cortina on her journey of empowerment and innovation, where your story takes center stage. Whether it's through film, television, acting, or the frontier of micro-networks, Cortina Jackson is reshaping the landscape of entertainment, one compelling narrative at a time."

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