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Cortina Jackson is the published author of, “On Earth as It Is in Hell,” and "The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest." She has written articles, appeared on several radio shows, and has presented at speaking engagements that showcase her enthusiasm for fiction/nonfiction works; and her fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse. Cortina is an actress, and has appeared in "Beneath the Scar," "The Family," "The Things We Do For Love," "Firebones," and the music video, "Earth Mother," in a Rosa Parks scene.  Cortina is the co-host of a Sirius XM radio show called, "Live Your Best Life," and a podcast host of, "What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind."  Cortina holds two Master’s degrees, and has worked in the field of safety, law enforcement, and criminal justice for over 18 years. With Cortina’s experience and knowledge in law enforcement, she has seen firsthand that; oftentimes, life is scarier than fiction. This has given her a basis for the material in her writing that often seems too detailed to be true. Cortina is the proud mother of two sons. She is currently working on her next novel, and she is enthusiastic about sharing her passion for writing with you. 

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