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Caught on The Hook Talk Show w/ Cortina Jackson Linktree QR Code

“Caught on the Hook,” shares remarkable stories of people who have overcome adversity, challenges, or trauma and pushed forward with resilience to find their personal success.

This insightful and informative talk show also talks with guests who share information about relationships, overcoming trauma, domestic violence, sexual abuse, manipulation, world affairs, and other topics that keeps us informed or teaches us how to stay safe.

"Caught on the Hook," dares to go where most shows won't.

Whether it's exposing the dark secrets of the occult, revealing the hidden agendas of human traffickers, talking to victims of abuse and domestic violence, or exploring the mind of perpetrators of heinous crimes, we talk about it!

Watch Me Live  - Caught on the Hook Talk Show w/Cortina Jackson Live Link


Streaming On-Demand

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Cortina is looking for guests for the next season who will bring impactful messages to an awaiting audience!


If you have a story to tell, a message to share, or a lesson to teach, Contact Cortina today!


Let’s inform, empower, and impact the world together!

$897.00 Appearance fee applies
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